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November 14 2008 will be written in flaming letters in the history of music of Finland, provided that it ever will be done properly.

That is the date of the dinner concert of NYH at the Katajanokka Casino, from the walls of which the generals of the independent Finnish army were looking over the performers and the audience. This was to create certain stiffness in the orchestra members, which was, however, relaxed along the first correct played notes.

The magic of the kind of music surprised the audience like the first snow car drivers with summer tyres!

The corner stone of the programme was Karia Mallas, around whom the rest of the programme was wrapped like a venomous snake. Acts from the operas CarMen, Porky and Pessimist, as well as the be-pop-corn classic ‘Night in Tunis’ received interpretations they deserve.

Also premiers of new arrangements were heard, which were made hardly ten years earlier; this could not be said about the wines served at the dinner. The occasion was sold out, although NYH was unsuccessful in finding of a smaller venue; also the spouses of the orchestra played an important role in this respect.

If the testimony of the bar tender of the Casino is credible, the night was a great success, the final decision is still pending at the court, but the Human Rights Commission of the European Union has declined to make a statement in the issue.

SO 14.11.2008

The Dinner Concert 2008 was sold out weeks in advance. Make your ticket reservations in time this year not to be left empty-handed.

SO 14.11.2008

Suomen Orkerteri - NYH in their best (tuxedos) and at their best.

SO 14.11.2008 and Caria Mallas

Karia Mallas, SO and CarMen