Suomen Orkesteri ~ New York Horns
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Friday 13 November 2009

Suomen Orkesteri's Dinner Concert seemingly has established its position as a shining pearl of the metropolitan cultural scene. Surprisingly against all premonitions and threats like stagnated economics, financial crisis and pandemic H1N1-virus the concert was again fully booked and as always a staggering success.

SO 13.11.2009

Our dinner concert at Katajanokan Kasino was again sold out

SO 13.11.2009

Suomen Orkesteri - New York Horns on stage
(the stage provided by courtesy of YIT Equipment Center)

SO 13.11.2009 trumpets

Trumpets: Lasse and Visa

SO 13.11.2009

Dancing. Singing: Caria Mallas.

SO 13.11.2009

SO - NYH seen from the other side of the stage

SO 13.11.2009 Risto V.

Spokesman Risto V.