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On October 29 this year (2010) Cantores minores boys' choir and some orchestra performed the mass in B minor by J.S.Bach in the Helsinki main cathedral, but better folks in the capitol area was gathered again in the traditional dinner- concert-ball event of Suomen Orkesteri ~ New York Horns (NYH); this time the venue was Suomalainen Klubi in Helsinki.

The night was very posh, the dames were radiant in there lavish dresses, and also gentlemen had combed their hair.

Food was excellent, and it was not too much at all.

Between the dishes NYH was compelled to play its own arrangements, as the national consigliere was engaged in some frivolous business. Works by Leonid Bernstein, in particular, received interpretations they deserve.

The pianistic soloist, Anni Kadenza brought the audience at the brink with her performance of the potpourri of the very best tunes of Rachmaninov. Various persons promised to consider coming back next year.

This event once again proved that NYH is capable of living up to its mission in filling the gap between good and bad orchestras.

SO 29.10.2010

Our dinner concert at Suomalainen Klubi was sold out once again.

SO 29.10.2010 and the pianist

Our dazzling soloist Anni Kadenza played Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini arr. for SO~NYH by Jyrki (on right).

SO 29.10.2010 Anni Kadenza

SO 29.10.2010

Shining brass of two Ristos.

SO 29.10.2010

The percussionist's (Pekka) main task is to cover the false notes and draw attention of the audience e.g. to the jangling of the bar chimes.

SO 29.10.2010

Trumpets Razia and Lasse and Suomen Orkesteri's emblem.

SO 29.10.2010

Ari (trombone), Risto V. (horn), Olli (trumpet) and Lasse (trumpet & arr.)

SO 29.10.2010

Charmantly grizzled temples of Olli (trumpet) and Pekka (drums) - Jyrki hiding behind his tuba.

SO 29.10.2010 trumpets

Elegance on the dance floor.

SO 29.10.2010

MC Risto V. (left) reciting poet Heimo Kautere's aforism: "To collect his thoughts, a man has to have at least two of them."

SO-NYH's artifiscal directors want to point out that Heimo Kautere's poetry is very close to their hearts, his anthology 'Man's Life part I' in particular.

Also Emmi Heiniö's compiled works 'Wounded Yacht' appeals to the directors' literary palate.

SO 29.10.2010

Nothing sounds sweeter to the musicians's ear than a huge applause, if not the hissing sound of opening a beer bottle.


Suomen Orkesteri shall publish more of Heimo Kautere's poems as soon as the international copyright issues are solved. Risto's recital made Heimo Kautere the most asked for writer on Helsinki Book Exhibition the day after our concert.