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Photo Galleries | 1990s

Suomen Orkesteri Independence Day 1998

Independence day reception at Risto's humble residence. December 6,1998.

Suomen Orkesteri 1st of May 1998

In the 90s the1st of May was reserved for Ullanlinna and the sumptuous brunch at Risto's & Riitta's in Eira for many years until the hosts moved to the countryside, Munkkiniemi.

1991 birthdays

A birthday party in Helsinki, 1991

Suomen Orkesterin kesäleiri Villingissä 1997

Summer camp in Villinki1997.

Suomen Orkesteri: Elektrokemistien konferenssien avajaiset 1999

SO leaves the stage at opening ceremonies of Electrochemists' Euroconference, August 1999