Suomen Orkesteri ~ New York Horns
Photo Galleries | 2000s

Loviisa, Bonga castle 22 August 2009
Riitta Nelimarkka's Donna Est art exhibition

Suomen Orkesteri :Bonga 2009

Handel's Rejoicing in Bonga castle's Atelier

Suomen Orkesteri: Loviisa 2009

SO New York Horns Blues Boys Band

Suomen Orkesteri: Loviisa 2009

Outdoor life in Suomen Orkesteri style


Ruovesi 2009

Suomen Orkesteri: Ruovesi 2009

July 18, 2009 Sara & Steffen and their wedding party at Ruovesi had the pleasure to enjoy beautiful weather accompanied by SO - Toivo Kuula's wedding march in the church and welcome tunes at Sointula (in eng. ˜ Tone House).

Suomen Orkesteri: Ruovesi 2009

Suomen Orkesteri loves performing to plenteous and contented audience - from wedding waltz for the bride and groom to dance music for all.
Ruovesi 2009.

Suomen Orkesteri: Bug-free entertainment 2009

SO-NYH bug-free entertainment package - brunch at Kovero.


Qualification Tests and some gigs

Suomen Orkesteri: Loviisa 2001

In the party that Ratsia and his wife Marja gave for their joint 110th anniversary in 2001, Ratsia passed the SO Full Membership Qualification Test by playing prima vista Unto Mononen's tango Satumaa.

Ari passed as the second musician the Full Membership Qualification Test of SO during our summer camp in Ruovesi. Jyrki's summer home of his own design and build performed well in the trombone test. See musicians for details

Suomen Orkesteri: RAKI 25th anniversary dinner party

RAKI ry's 25th anniversary dinner party at Kulosaari Casino, August 2008.

Suomen Orkesteri 2003 Kotojärvi

Kotojärvi Mansion 2003.

Suomen Orkesteri at Iso Vasikkasaari, Gula Villan restaurant, August 2006, playing the web designer's favorite: Summertime arr. Lasse.

1st of May 2001 was celebrated on the backyard of Risto's humble residence (up 2nd floor).