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SO~NYH on Witch Mountain, July 2008

In July 2008 NYH was ordered to a gig in the mighty county of Jaala, where a seasonal tribal fest was to be take place.

The band lived in an illusion that it will be accompanying local festival activities, such as finger wrestling, moonshine brewing or peasant carding, but it appeared that it was question of a summer concert, announced county wide even by the local radio station, where NYH was the principal and the only performer.

The experienced members of NYH did not hesitate too long, but spitted into their horns and started the concert. The occasion was of a very high level, ca. 45.8 m above the lake surface. Yet, it was challenged by ca. 1.7 million mosquitoes, midges and bugs send by the Southwest air fleet, and finalised by a mild and tender (+14 centigrade) shower, which watered not only the eyes of the audience. The success of the occasion is documented in the critics of the local newspaper (» pdf 500 kB, in Finnish only).

Suomen Orkesteri: Jaala 2008

SO - NYH Summit Concert
at the view tower in Jaala,
July 2008.

Suomen Orkesteri: Jaala 2008

Jaala 2008.

Suomen Orkesteri Finnish flag Jaala 2008

The Finnish flag on top of Ahdinpuunvuori view tower in Jaala, 2008.


SO~NYH Jaala, 31 June 2009

In June 2009 NYH returned to the mighty county of Jaala, where the orchestra had the pleasure to enliven the birthday party of a local notable and enjoy succulent feast servings in a true peasant style.

Wild boar feast in Jaala 2009

SO - NYH in Jaala, wild boar feast June 31 in 2009.

Suomen Orkesteri: Jaala 2009

Suomen Orkesteri performing in a barn, Jaala 2009.

SO and chef Maulavirta in Jaala 2009

Chef Maulavirta working on ribs.


Other events

Suomen Orkesteri: Iso Omena 2006

Suomen Orkesteri in 2006 Sauli Niinistö's presidential campaign to gain a second gig to the Presidential Palace. Not this time. Iso Omena Mall, Espoo, January 2006.

Suomen Orkesteri Kotojärven Kartano 2003

Kotojärvi Mansion 2003.

Suomen Orkesteri Backas Jazz 2005

Backas Jazz VIP concert in June 2005

Suomen Orkesteri Pori1996

Birthday party in a tent.
Pori 1996.

Suomen Orkesteri Ruovesi 2004

Ruovesi Fair 2004.

Suomen Orkesteri Ruoveden seurakuntasalissa mökkiläiskahveilla 2005

Ruovesi parish assembly hall: summer residents' happening 2004.