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In the true spirit of golf the golfing section of NYH - Suomen Orkesteri is devoted to fill the gap between bad shots and lucky bumps. The section members have challenged each others several autumns in exclusive tournaments.

Hungary 1999

The first NYH Golf Tournament took place at Birdland Golf & Country Club, in Hungary. In October, three of the musicians with sophisticated taste of life, packed up their playing instruments, golf balls (and wives) to finetune their swings. The rest of the orchestra was left back home to rehearse.

Friday, October 15th, our tour started at 7 a.m. from Helsinki-Vantaa airport by plane to Vienna. The hotel's bus was waiting for us and after two hours of sporty driving and one EU border later we arrived at Birdland Golf & Country Club and Danubius Thermal Hotel's sulphureous atmosphere in Bük, near the Austrian border in Hungary.

Birdland Golf & Country Club is located near the Austrian border in Bük, Hungary.

The course was a paradise of birds, but a desert of birdies...

Skills game:
1. Olli, T2. Risto and Pekka

Team Competition: Risto's team took the left foot prize with 37 points.

Scratch: The right foot prize went to Tuija with 83 strokes. Risto, the runner up, lost by 1 stroke.

The prize giving dinner on Sunday and its delightful main course.


Biarritz 2000

NYH Golf Tour in Biarritz

Our group impressed the locals and other golfers with appropriate outfit: the beret Basque with Tournament's own insignia. Especially police guarding EU conference, that ended the day we arrived, took special notice of our whereabouts. After profound scrutiny we were considered to be innocuous, jolly golfers from a friendly, northern EU member state.

Golf d'Arcangues, Par 3, Pekka on tee

Stoned golfer

In the forests of Golf d'Arcangues NYH Golf Tour encountered a stoned golfer.

NYH Golf TOur insignia nailed at Chantaco

NYH Golf Tour insignia label was nailed amongst other notable Tour and Club emblems at Chantaco Golf Club.

NYH Golf Tour members at Chantaco.

Riitta took the left foot prize and the championship title.

Scratch: Pekka "the Invincible"

Champagne at Palais Hotel

Risto gambled in Casino to serve fine bubbling champagne at Palais Hotel.


Finland 2001 Domestic Tour

Rainy Biarritz in 2000 was also the golfing destination for Finnish Golf Managers' Association. The managers were so impressed of our perseverance, that they invited us to play 4 Finnish Golf courses the following summer. And for our astonishment, invitations on old bills, business cards and even and tabel napkins were accepted at their golf clubs. Our domestic tour covered totally 8 courses: Golf Kotojärvi, Pickala Golf, Kurk Golf, Imatran Golf, Nurmijärven Golfkeskus, Kymen Golf in Kotka, Tuusulan Golfklubi, Sea Golf Rönnäs.

Domestic Tour map

NYH Golf Tour 2001

*) Golf Courses played on Manager's invitation in orange

Riitta took the title and the trophy. Others claimed for a revenge next year.


Tenerife 2001

The trip to Tenerife started 9 hours late, and at arrival Olli's and Kati's baggages vere missing. Only couple of hours to our first tee-off we were not only busy but extremely exhausted. After three days we had to change hotel rooms due to mold on walls. Otherwise a pleasant trip. We played Las Americas, Golf del Sur, Real Club de Golf Tenerife and Costa Adeje.

Golf Las Americas 19th

On the 19th at Las Americas Golf Club.

NYH Golf Tour winner 2001

The winner.


Other venues on NYH Golf Tour

NYH Golf Tour in Paltamo Golf Club in 2002

Paltamo Golf Club 10th tee in the neighbourhood of Risto's and Riitta's summer residence. Summer 2002.

NYH Golf Tour in Niitvälja Golf Club, Estonia, 2004

Niitvälja Golf Club at Estonia in May 2004.