Suomen Orkesteri ~ New York Horns

Seriously funny Finnish brass band

Suomen Orkesteri - NYH

Suomen Orkesteri (SO) – New York Horns (NYH) is a Finnish brass band. Already for a quarter of a century, it has interpreted both the gems of classical music and nevergreens of more recent brass music from jazz to rock’ roll, according to its own sophisticated fashion.

According to the current requirements of the society, NYH is very flexible: the combo stretches from a quartet (4 musicians) to a horn octet (8 horny men).

In addition to their horn blowing skills, stand-up comedy between the pieces of music forms an essential part of the total experience of the gigs. Most of the jokes have also been laughed at.

Usually the audience receives the performance of NYH very well, which proves the importance of selecting your audience appropriately.

Hand-picked selection of the pieces available:

  • Art music: Kunst der Fuge, Drei Groschen Oper, West Side Story
  • Finnish music: Finlandia, Finnish Army marches and hymns
    Blues, jazz, contemporaty music: St. Louis & Beale Street Blues
  • Dance music: Hot waltzes and cool tangos

The orchestra is waiting for your gig order, to get rid off their futile jobs for a while at least. Please call!