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Suomen Orkesteri 2000: Olli 50

Suomen Orkesteri 2000: laiturilla

Olli celebrated his half-centennial in great style in June 2000. M/S Nikolai II cruised on sunny Baltic Sea filled up with friends, family and fellow musicians.

Suomen Orkesteri 2000: Littu No.26

Retun Wihtorit and SOpresented Olli with Littu No.26 for his merits in promoting Newer French Horn Music. For the first time ever SO handed out Matkalittu No.1, an EU-standard passport sized Littu travel model

Suomen Orkesteri 2001

Pekka 50, Karhusaari 2002.

RistoV. got a real challenging 50-years birthday present in June 2002...

Every spokesman is worth a statue. Risto's own symbolises his well-deserved nickname, that he has tried to live up to since he was a student.

Suomen Orkesteri at Marshal Mannerheim's Hunting Cabin

RistoP. celebrated his 50. birthday in patriotic settings at the hunting cabin of Mannerheim, Marshal of Finland. April 2008.