Suomen Orkesteri ~ New York Horns
at The Presidential Palace, December 11, 2000

SO at Presidential Palace

As 60 years have elapsed since the end of the Minor Winter Disturbance with the Soviet Union, NYH-SO celebrated the Finnish independence day in the Presidential Palace on December 11, 2000. The premises were unavailable at the exact day, the 6th of December, because another party was arranged in that evening. The orchestra was equipped with blue and white underwear, decorated with yellow spots, as well as with black and white outfits, see pictures.

Finally the rehearsal hall could meet the high standards of the orchestra!

The acoustics of the hall was excellent, any misplaced tones were buried in its 5 seconds long echo, and the patriotic tunes were displayed in their full glory.

The occasion was witnessed by the fans of the orchestra and members of the staff of the Palace who also took care of delivering beverages to the audience.

Suomen Orkesteri at Presidential Palace

The staff was so overwhelmed by the nobleness of the music that they crystallised their feelings by stating "Any nation having such an orchestra can never disappear!"

Suomen Orkesteri in full outfit