Suomen Orkesteri ~ New York Horns


Jyrki, tuba, arrangements
Jyrki does not play acid in his house but the tuba in his basement. He is also a very good architect, because he has actually lived in the house he had designed himself. Responsible for several arrangements for the orchestra.
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Lasse, 1. trumpet, arrangements
Lasse seems to like the graduation very much having done it several times, lately as Ph.D. in Chemistry. Members of the orchestra are wondering how a white man can play trumpet like Lasse does. Classic, jazz, polka - name it, he'll play it.
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Ari, trombone
Ari is another member of the trombone section with a destructive power. He has been inquired to join the anti-tank troops of the military forces of the EU. Below his sensitive and tranquil cover there hence reside explosive forces. An eagerly advancing character, therefore usually ending a piece of music before other members of NYH.


Olli "Wanderer", trumpet, f-cornet, piccolo
Olli is the most important member of the orchestra, because he keeps the cash. This is easily seen from the fact that as the rest of the members of the orchestra have only one instrument, Olli has three. All the bribes and gifts are gratefully acknowledged by him. Provides the refreshments to the rehearsal camps.
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Pekka (Photo:

Pekka, percussion
Pekka forms the back bone of the orchestra, if not the spinal tap. He has carried out his post grad studies mainly abroad, e.g., in Dar-Es-Salaam School of Drumming and in Saigon University of Pure and Applied Arts. A musician’s best friend.


Hannu "Peugeot", euphonium
Hannu is the black sheep of the orchestra as he has not graduated from HUT like the others. Yet, when listening to the orchestra it becomes increasingly apparent why he is needed: as a physician he takes care of heart and other attacks of the audience.


Razia, trumpet
Razia is the most irreplaceable member of the orchestra, as he provides the rehearsal and storage facilities, as well as the beer. One regular oxymoron: simultaneously the oldest and youngest member of the group. An outstanding example how long-lived business life cannot destroy your embouchure!


Risto P. "Sus", trombone
Risto is a part of the success story of the Finnish telecommunication industry, although not the wireless one. He is the first person in the orchestra to tell where to draw the line. Participated in the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Risto V.

Risto V., French horn
Risto is working in the financing and management consulting business but is otherwise an honourable and respectable man. By his profession, the speaker of the orchestra, telling humorous stories based on the economical facts while the euphonium is looking for the notes.